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Ankie, I'm writing more of a thank you note than a testimonial for all you do for our brokerage and I. You have far exceeded our expectations in your services as a transaction coordinator (TC), as a professional and just plain out good human being. Over the past year and countless transactions, you have gone above and beyond in document review, checklist completion, signature and phone call follow-ups, inspection coordination, adhering to time lines, maintaining a good rapport with the other side, finding errors that I have overlooked and basically mastering all angles of the transaction. I often wonder how we got things done before we enlisted your services. For all that you do for the brokerage, I thank you and hope a large brokerage doesn't steal your talent away from us.

-Desh Mallik
Apex Realty

Ankie saved me from doing numerous things that needed to be done including many that I felt were the other agents responsibility. She was always available from early in the morning, to late in the evening. I never went to bed with a question unanswered or an issue unresolved. My confidence in Ankie was established early on and kept increasing with her ability to anticipate my needs and surpass my expectations. You may be wondering way I am making this testimonial about a TC. When you come across a talented, gifted individual like Ankie, one who truly grasps the essence of her chosen profession, you want to share your great experience with others. TC is definitely her calling.

-Garrett Weston
  Real Estate Agent
  HÔM Real Estate Group

To Whom It May Concern,

My team and I recently had the pleasure working with Ankie Trollegard on the recent sale of a high-end home. We not only found her polite and responsive but she also displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise. Her involvement helped make the transaction one of our smoothest this year. I'm sure Ankie would provide great value to anyone who works with her.


-Geoff Rudy / Real Estate Consultant, MBA
  Coldwell Banker Real Estate

It's great having a transaction coordinator that is always organized and focused on every detail. Ankie does a great job juggling all the different pieces to keep the deals together and going smoothly. She is reliable and responsive to the needs of the client as well as the others involved in the transaction.

-Chad Holcomb, SC Group at RE/Max Select One

I wanted to thank you again for your professionalism during the escrow on Durham. My transaction coordinator said you were very responsive to her requests and handled everything in a timely manner. Should I need an independent transaction coordinator in the future I'd love to have you work with me.

Take care,

-Cindy Rossi, Star Real Estate

Ankie it truly is a joy working with you. There's individuals who call themselves Transaction Coordinators but you go above and beyond that title. Your timely follow up is surpassed by anyone I have every worked with AND I've worked with many over the past 19 years. From the very moment escrow is opened, you immediately contact escrow with your contact sheet containing all necessary information for us to do our job more efficiently. Additionally, your diligent with the contingency dates, most Transaction Coordinators are not so concerned...........yikes.

I strongly believe you are a huge asset to any agent who needs a proactive, positive and complete awareness of each transaction that comes across your desk. If you ever consider a career change, specifically in escrow, please let me know.

-PAULINE KENNEDY / Escrow Officer, Versal Settlement Services

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